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For those who seek love, friendship, want a past lover to return or a present lover to commit.
For those who seek money, wealth, material things.
For those who enter lotteries, play bingo, or want to change their luck.
For those who seek success, power, fulfillment, happiness at home or at work.
For those who seek protection, security, peace of mind.
To give you the power to do what you want, get what you want.
To attract the opposite sex and make you very appealing to them.
To control a person and have them do your bidding.
To rid a person from your life. Exorcise them forever.
Break Up
To split a relationship, cause dissension, trouble.
To bring you wisdom, intelligence, and common sense



Voodoo Ultimate Revenge Spell

A very powerful spell that should be cast only if a person has truly done you wrong. Once psychic contact is made, they will feel the wrath of your anger and will be sorry they ever messed with you. Think carefully before requesting this spell!

Voodoo Break Up Spell

Request This Potent Spell Only as a Last Resort!
This powerful spell can only be cast on couples who should not be together. Be certain you want them to break up because this spell works!
If a relationship between two people is preventing you from fulfilling your life's dream, and you truly feel they do not belong together, this spell could bring you back into the picture again.

Revenge of the Raven Curse

Revenge of the Raven curse is one of the most effective ways of neutralizing and severely limiting those despicable people who cause great pain and anguish.


This is one of the most effective methods of ridding an enemy from your midst. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Black Curse was mastered by few practitioners whose services were highly revered by kings and noblemen. Because it can bring about horrendous times for the person to whom the Black Curse is directed, please do not request this unless it is absolutely necessary.
Please use the following as a guide.
Request the Black Curse if:
· Someone’s evil is "intentionally" standing in the way of your life path, preventing you from achieving success and happiness.
· Someone with evil intentions has vowed to destroy you, whether it be by their direct or indirect actions.
· Someone is jealous of you and wants you to suffer emotionally, financially or otherwise.
· Someone is out to get you and it is only a matter of time before they get their wish, thus leaving you no choice but to act first.
If any or all of the above sounds familiar, this is your opportunity to make things right, to put your life back on its rightful course, and to get even with the one who have done you wrong.

The following is a list of the various Black Curses available to you:
Request this curse when immediate and bold action is necessary. This curse blunts your enemy's effectiveness by depleting their energy and will.

The Financial Ruin Black Curse

This causes disruption in your enemy's financial holdings and their ability to make money. This curse negatively affects their career and future earning power.

The Destroy Enemy Black Curse

The purpose of this curse is to bring your enemy to their knees, filling them with an overwhelming sense of loss. To inflict monumental revenge on someone who has done you wrong. To have them suffer tenfold the pain and consequences they have inflicted upon you.

The Grief And Sadness Black Curse

This unusual curse implants a mindset in your enemy's subconscious causing them immense sadness, grief, and regret due to the harm they know they have inflicted upon you and others.

The Living In Hell Black Curse

A devastating curse that causes great suffering upon your enemy who awakens each day knowing their dastardly deeds have rebounded on them. Worse yet, they recognize there is no way out of their despair, and they are cursed to live out the remainder of their lives in an eternal state of fear, anxiety, and tragedy.

The Haunting Black Curse

A 24/7 never-ending curse that relentlessly inflicts agony on your enemy. Sleepless nights, fear, regret, and unhappiness and anxiety-ridden days are a frequent result of this particularly effective curse.
The Double Effect Black Curse Request this curse to double the effects of any of the above curses. But only do so if you are so angry and so determined to cause immediate and devastating effect upon your enemy. Note: This curse will automatically double the effects of any or all of the above curses you order at the same time.

Voodoo and Black Magic spells

Doctor Sadati  do not seek information other than
what is willingly provided. your privacy remains confidential
I am  experience in voodoo and black magic spells.
Voodoo and Black Magic spells and its various rituals and incantations are not without consequences. be careful before ordering any spells on this website, especially spells to cause harm to innocent people and property without justification. with the exception of a love spell, it can cause a rebound and backfire if care and attention is not taken (especially revenge spells). I am  at Voodoo and Black Magic Spells take no responsibility for misuse or failure to follow instructions of spells ordered by the subsequent purchaser of a revenge spell. all other spells can be ordered without fear of a back fire.

Voodoo Witchcraft and Black Magic spells has been held and practiced by our ancestors since time began. with Dr sadati , have no doubt in your mind that  will help and assist you in getting that relief that you seek. it does not matter whether you are standing in front of him in one of our temples or you are located in any far flung area of the planet. the results are the same. once a spell is invoked and set in motion, it does not come back without achieving that in which it was set forth. I provide results where others are unsuccessful. it does not matter the number of spell casters that may have worked unsuccessfully on your case in the past. My spells do not backfire, it only manifests results. it is a one way force. it will overpower and overcome anything that gets in its way. it can not bounce back.
The word Voodoo, on its own instills morbid fear in the heart and minds of many. gone are those days when the establishment consider voodoo and its worshipers as a dark society of black ignorant people. today.
Voodoo began in Africa originally as an instrument of revenge. Voodoo and Black Magic.

Doctor sadati offer relief in the following areas of life:

- get back a run away lover
- bind couples with a voodoo binding love spell
- stabilize your matrimony by eliminating external influences
- get that man or woman with a guaranteed love spell
- get a reluctant lover to commit to a long term relationship
- spice up your sex life with a customs spell
- get that revenge that you need
- get protection from voodoo, Wicca, witchcraft and black magic spells
- love attraction amulets and talismans
- legal spells
- weight loss spells
- voodoo wealth rituals
- lottery spells
- the all powerful voodoo doll

if you are experiencing any of these difficulties, contact Doctor sadati  and he is  will guide and help you into obtaining the relief you seek.
Remember: success is not a result of chance and accident. it is the product of unseen forces either working for you or against you. coming to Doctor sadati  is for him to turn these forces to work towards your overall welfare.
Psychic or spiritual healing is a human potential Dr Sadati  all possess. Some people are especially good at this which is known as gift from above. In addition to healing in the presence of the person, there is ‘absent healing’ in which the healing occurs at a distance. Note that there are some who maintain that influence on another person without his specific knowledge and permission (yes, even in healing and helping) is black magic. (After all, everybody is living according to his own true will, so that healing or helping someone without permission is affecting his will). Black Magic and Voodoo rituals traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes. In modern times however, some have come to realize that the definition of "black magic" has been convoluted by people who define practices that they disapprove of as "black magic"


Voodoo Spells can help people of all races, independent of faith or believe to achieve happiness in life. when you are at the lowest ebb of your life or things have turned upside down for the worst, voodoo rituals and black magic spell may be the magic wand you need to turn things around for the better; and quickly too. do not entertain any fears in employing voodoo to reach your goals. Real Voodoo Spells are magical formulate designed to bring about specific results. The word 'spell' comes from Old English spell, meaning a saying, or fable, which is in turn derived from prehistoric Germanic. Thus these 'sayings,' the incantations of sorcerers, came to mean magical formulate exclusively. To some, spells may be considered a demonic form of prayer originally used in witchcraft. Some religions believe that spells are evil and said to false gods, and are in no way related to hymns and prayers.

Spells are beautiful, coordinated prayers to our Gods. Think of Church, with the incense floating, the music in the background, the candles everywhere, the chalice on the altar, the bowl of water on the side...sounds familiar to a Witch's altar to pray doesn't it? They are both prayer, both meaningful and both beautiful.

What can Spells and Rituals be used for?

Spells and Rituals can be used for any purpose: to find and attract love; to bind lovers; to enhance and stimulate love; to maximize sex appeal; to beautify; to heal, cure and make whole; to bring money, success and riches; to bring luck and good fortune; to curse, cause harm and destruction.