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Native Healer ,spiritual healer, herbalist; traditional doctor ,lost lover spell caster ,money spells, magic Ring ,voodoo spell, witchcraft spell ,bring back lost lover,  stop divorce ,remove bad lucks, healing spells, black magic specialist doctor in south Africa DR SADATI African Native Healer , traditional healer, spiritual doctor and spells caster who can help you with the powers of native healing passed onto him by his ancestor long time a go ,dr sadati is a powerful native healer who can solve all your problem ,no mater how big the problem ,dr sadati is a powerful native healer who has the powers to help you,call me now or email me ,on my contact details above at any time.

100% Guaranteed & Affordable. Private & Confidential with Immediate Results. Welcome to Dr SADATI  in South Africa the only one who heals and solves all failed unfinished problems from other healers & sangomas. Stop suffering today! Change your life and archive your goals. No matter whom you are or religion you believe in, this type of treatment may be the only solutions to your problems with your long illness. Try this; you will see a better change! If you have tried many doctors/healers with no progress, just visit him to help you and he never fails. My works is a mixture of African traditional spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting, all of which are designed to take care of whatever adversity you may face. Have you been searching all over Internet to find a professional and real spell caster?

Native Healer-powerful native healer,

Powerful native healer from southern Africa Doctor sadati , believes that life problems are calculated in every situation. Powerful native healer and powers i got for native healing is the essence of every living creature on earth. Powerful native healers or inanimate objects is to cast spells to your best needs. These native healer that works has living creature from their own personalities and cosmic place. Sadati native healer, removes black witchcraft that keep on taking your money and also to see the reasons why you are poor and not Progressing in life every day .Native healer Doctor sadati says, this is time to stop your marriage or relationship to break apart with the native healing practices and i will also help you to get married to the person of your choice through native healing , Remove bad luck from a person, powerful native healer basically for business &customer attraction etc. you can get promotion at work or in your career with the online powerful native healer.

Native healers - Powerful native healers ,

Powerful native healers and spiritual ceremonies that are being practiced today, practitioners and metaphysical groups have been adopted from traditions that came from various Native healing tribes. Native healers history shows that each tribe will have two or more spirits who were groomed in the native healing arts. These individuals would serve as herbalists, native healers, and spirit communicators. Powerful native healers duties and types of healing arts and spiritual ceremonies performed would naturally vary from tribe to tribe, honoring and respectful of the Father Sky, Mother Earth


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Welcome to Dr SADATI'S official website, where you will find products and services offered by , please be informed that they’re a lot of fake traditional doctors and psychics using Dr SADATI’s name and products claiming to be ambassadors over seas of Dr SADATI Put it in minds that it’s only on this website is where you can find and talk to Dr SADATI in Africa direct. For any question leave massage on our contact page. Unless otherwise Dr SADATI  will not be responsible for any claim as a result of being faked by certain individual for more information see indemnifications.

Who is Dr SADATI.?

Dr SADATI  is a natural born traditional healer, spiritual adviser , spells caster, fortune teller tarot card reader with psychical powers like that of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, Dr SADATI is operating from his father ‘s spiritual house (Tanzania) but due to demand now he is available in three countries ONLY. Including South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania. DR SADATI is the first born and successor of his father SADATI   who famously well known in his work of traditional healing of any disease with foretelling gift through his powerful spirits during his period of life time, Since 1990 SADATI stood by his father's footsteps together with help of Allah to date he is still crafting powerful spells, practicing witchcraft, offering cleansing rituals, summoning and evoking spirits

Being successful in helping others who are in needy through herbal healing and his powerful spirits now Dr SADATI  have served more than 24 years communicating with people from 18 countries around the world where most of them are happy in life again. 


Dr SADATI  With Magic And Witchcraft Spells.

Welcome to Dr SADATI  a real practitioner who will gives free simple spells, teachers’ you witchcraft, magic and advises you on all spells casting services. If you’re a new in the world of magic then there many questions in minds to begin with, the world of witchcraft is not what you see in movies or on your television set, NO painted nosed, bucktooth, and women flying around on the blooms or roistering flogs on cauldron. Every practitioner knows that magic is more about people open their minds , inner soul and being to the divine powers , this is where they get their powers from which makes a spell more powerful, the positive energy flows onto the spell caster then to the sacred the guided by the nature since it’s the source of energy . Warning it is very important to bear in minds that sometimes spells are very easy to be cast than reversing them, so it’s not a good idea to order a spell when you are know that you will change your minds about it so kindly make up your minds before you proceed.



Day to day life is becoming harder and most of people are disappointed in life, some of them they have lost hope and others they have given up due to their past experiences hence living in miserable life .You’re going through a lot Wright now let it be financially ,relationship issues, business difficulties, or conical disease? TO DR SADATI  it has never been too late leaving your request on the contact page can be your first step to a fundamental change in your life, even 1000 journey miles starts with one step. Dr. SADATI  will always l have an advice or a solution for you.



Who is a psychic?

Where can I find a psychic?

What are the signs of a real psychic?

What can a psychic do for me?

Does really love spells work?

Is there permanent and temporally love spells?

Can Dr SADATI help a distanced client like me?

Can I really be happy once again in life?

Can Dr SADATI  help me from my home?

How long does it take to see some changes in my life once I contact DR SADATI ?


What are the charges of Dr SADATI ?

Leave your request, question or a comment wait Response in less than 24 hrs depending on the Queue


1 I cast your spells with in 24hrs once you contact me, most of the times same day.

2 I’m completely carrying and understand your situation.

3 I have a private home where I do all my work with enough parking and my home have privacy.

4 I do cast spells here in my shrine on your behalf in case of distanced or so ill clients.

5 100% effort on my part for every spell I cast to my client’s satisfaction.

6 Abroad (overseas) client’s prior arrangements has to be made in case you want to visit my home. 

I can cast spells no matter how far the distance may be, and my spells are guaranteed to work in four days I’m here to treat, heal & pay attention to whoever has problems using true African herbs with the guidance of my strong spiritual powers given to me by my ancestors. Feel free to contact Dr Sadati  at his shrine so you can also experience the power of the ancestral world.
I am a professional Traditional/Spiritual Healer, specializing in the fields of Love, Money, Power, Success, Luck and Witch Craft. I can help you with any problem or wish that you might have. I have more than 25 years’ experience in the field of Spell Casting/Traditional/Spiritual Healing.
Over the years I have worked for thousands of clients in more than 50 countries all over the world. My services are hugely in demand which is proof of the success I am achieving on a day to day basis. Do you want to break the cycle of unhappiness, misfortune and disillusionment? Is your life falling apart? Is your life best with all sorts of problems? Are you always unsuccessful in whatever endeavor you undertake? Is your marriage or love life falling apart? Are you being bewitched? Do you see or dream about ghosts in your sleep? Is your partner cheating on you


Call me today call or whats app +27 677813838

EMAIL - info@nativehealerandlovespellscasteronline.com

Do you feel like your hands tied up? Your body has no soul? Are you tired of using Psychics & Spell casters with little or No Results? Been Given False Promises for Your Lover to Return? am here to STOP all that misery. I am Dr Sadati  a powerful spiritualist after years of successful casts. I have all the experience needed to understand how I can help you with your unique situation.

Many have TRIED and FAILED over and over again in their work because they use weak methods such as: candles, crystals, oils, etc. I use the ancient and sacred method along with organic ingredients that others do not possess! That’s why my spells and black magic are potent, accurate, and are TRULY successful.


This is a spell that will influence your entire life back on track. This powerful money spell allows you to change the direction of your financial future to better yourself and loved ones. No longer do you need to worry about paying the bills, whether you can afford to see a movie tonight and adding financial stress to an already stressful week!

Results from this money spell are amazing! This old magic is spell cast within the energy link to provide you with a high level of attraction to money. This is a very powerful spell that people in high positions of power within their career are using to keep their financial freedom, no debt and more money. Old Egyptian spell casting has been passed down with my natural-born talent to provide people with better influence over their financial lives.
Conjure powerful money spell for:

• No debt , More money
• Powerful money spells abilities encourage financial freedom for life
• Money spells entail no credit card debt
• Money making spells must be done by the spell caster

Attract Good Luck

Cast the Attract Good Luck spell upon yourself or someone else if you wish to be surrounded by luck. This is a good spell to cast upon yourself if you plan to go to the races. Attract good luck spell can cancel a bad luck spell and can also put an end to a streak of bad luck. The Attract Good Luck spell replenishes the level of luck in your life. Special Spells

Generosity Casting

The Generosity spell upon someone else, or upon yourself, will cause the recipient’s mind to free up and the heart to soften to the point where sharing and kindness are part of the recipient’s personality. The Generosity spell recipient will no longer be afraid to give to others. This spell has been known to turn the most selfish person into a giver. This spell removes the recipient’s reasons for withholding there negative attentions.

Personal and Business or Project Energetic Spiritual Protection.

A lot of people experience attack that seems to come out of nowhere – this is personal psychic attack. Also Businesses and Projects may be interfered with from non-physical levels, nothing seems to go right, and progress is blocked or sabotaged – this is psychic attack on your work. This service provides a thorough scan of all types of attack or interference throughout time, and, clears those sources of attack or interference. Also a method of protection is given for maintenance. Regularly scheduled protection can also be set.


The Success spell is a bit different from the Prosperity spell, because its goal is to produce success in a particular endeavor, not necessarily in the form of financial success. This spell makes people gain there lost luck and bring back success in life


Extreme Respect Spells

One of our most desirable goals in life is to gain respect from loved ones, acquaintances, our peers, etc. This potent spell is designed to open the eyes of people around you so they can recognize your values. I can also help you in the followings . Quit alcohol, smoking, drugs, using purely herbal therapies with no side effects.